Interpreting The Map Colors

Png&width=20&height=20&layer=rraf tifs:dailyriskpercwintertotal&legend options=fontsize:10 Risk categories are based on running the model over many years' historical weather data. "NRE" means "No Runoff (event) Expected"; "Low", "Moderate", and "Severe" correspond to higher and higher percentile ranges of model results leading to actual observed runoff. On frozen or snow-covered soils, any runoff event can mean off-field delivery of a high percentage of the applied materials, so if the model forecasts any runoff event at all, the risk is displayed as "Severe".

Pop-up boxes provide details

Click (or right-click) on a point of interest. A pop-up box will appear:

Grid popup example callouts

The popup displays:

Click the red box with the "X" to close the popup.

Assess the risk for each field before an application

Crop fields are much smaller than the model's 4-kilometer-square grid cells; conditions can vary considerably within a cell. Local conditions can further impact the model’s applicability. Always apply your own knowledge of the landscape when assessing runoff risk! Considerations include: