CAFO Permitted Farms and Manure Management Advisory System

CAFO permitted farms are encouraged, but are not required to use the Wisconsin Manure Management Advisory System (MMAS) to meet some NR 243 landspreading requirements for manure and process wastewater. If CAFO permitted farms use MMAS, the tool needs to be described within the farm’s Nutrient Management Plan. The description should explain how MMAS will be used to meet specific NR 243 landspreading requirements. CAFO permitted farms are required to document all landspreading activities (e.g., date, placement, amounts, weather forecast, etc.) and actions taken to meet both setback and runoff prevention requirements. The MMAS website is a new tool CAFO permitted farms can use to meet these requirements.

For additional information regarding spreading issues for CAFO farms, please visit:

For more information on nutrient management planning for CAFOs please see the WDNR's nutrient management planning webpage.

Or contact: Aaron O'Rourke, DNR Nutrient Management Program Coordinator,