This project truly represents interagency cooperation at its best. Faculty, scientists, educators, administrators, and technical professionals from ten different agencies and departments worked together to bring you these forecasts, and got invaluable help and feedback along the way from growers and other users.

Public Entities Involved:

  • State of Wisconsin
    • Dept. of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection
      • Sara Walling: Project leader
      • Sue Porter: Usability, design, training
      • Jim VandenBrook: Project leader (former)
      • Justin Shell: Web design and programming (former)
    • Dept. of Natural Resources
      • Andrew Craig: CAFO consulting
      • Carlos Landeau: Mobile-device support
  • University of Wisconsin
    • Soil Science Department
      • Laura Ward Good: Project coordination, science consulting
      • Rick Wayne: Risk model implementation, GIS and Web programming
    • Extension
      • Kevin Erb: Project initiation
    • UW-Platteville, Pioneer Farms
      • Dennis Busch: Ground-truth data and testing
    • Discovery Farms
      • Dennis Frame: Ground-truth data and testing
    • Biological Systems Engineering Department
      • John Panuska: Modeling, ground truthing
  • Federal Agencies
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service River Forecast Center
      • Brian Connelly: Modeling
      • Dustin Goering: Modeling, statistical analysis
    • Thanks to NOAA/NOS nowCOAST for live precipitation data
    • US Geological Survey
      • Todd Stuntebeck: Modeling and testing
    • Natural Resources Conservation Service
      • Pat Murphy: Coordinating NRCS'role
      • Kent Peña: GIS support

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